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  failsafe, Mar 23 2019

Do you think it's possible to skip something in our stream of consciousness? Like when we attempt to deliberately block something out it shows up the very next thing in our next sentence. If I think, "I won't go to the mall today, but I don't want anyone to know, so I won't mention it." Then my next sentence will probably involve something mall-related at a considerable distance.

It seems almost impossible to do anything other than sublimate your avoided thought into the next impulse. I suppose some people are better at this than others. If I had the perfect range-finder I'd probably excel at conversation, but I rarely hit anything other than aces. I guess that means that I'm quasi-autistic, like I have the same function but not the disorder.

I was pretty good at poker. I got to around $40/hr at NL50 back when things were pretty juicy. Dunno how they are these days.

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W and Gemini
  failsafe, Mar 16 2018

Anyone else trading on exchanges in mine-ables?

I've been handling a Gemini Exchange for a few months. Apparently the twins are $1,000,000,000++++. I don't care for it TBH.

NE1 familiar with the ratios?

I don't understand BTC -> ETH but the exchange does not have ETH -> BTC


what the hell are you supposed to do with your Ether?

Ether (ETH)

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  failsafe, Feb 26 2018

Is this Maynarde caster the same as NTT, Maynard etc from LP?

I'm watching this guy at Katowice and was wondering how he got this job. Maynard/NTT was great obviously and I assume that's the same guy from LP. On the other hand I remember he was in NYU becoming a lawyer and some other stuff. But this might be the same fellow?

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