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Charizard and Tilt
  failsafe, Dec 03 2017

So a few years back I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I started cooking some self-treatment solutions this year. Surprisingly, thing have turned around and I'm doing alright. I'd like to move to California, Colorado, or one of the States where weed is legal, but so far haven't had the chance.

Money is kind of tight at the moment because I was part of a major doctoral program that closed (Emory University), and was unable to get my master's despite having a 4.0 (because I was unable to complete the thesis for the degree).

Ultimately I got suspended from the university where I completed my undergraduate because of problems related to schizophrenia and evicted from my apartment in Auburn, Alabama. I could never really get schizophrenia under control. I got addicted to ayahuasca and Kung Fu--and that's how I got evicted. I was screaming at night in the parking lot and kicking all the trees.

You can see you can make around 30lbs. of Ayahuasca for about $2,000 if you buy in bulk online. One of the best sites is Mr. Botanical--I guess the ability to get DMT is pretty commonplace these days, but I only discovered it not too long ago. I think I went through about 1kg of Ayahuasca myself in the past year. Definitely this is the best legal solution if you're an enterprising martial artist.

Anyway, "drugs" and so on aside (stuff we usually associate with legality obstacles)--I ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia where I'm working on some programming projects and writing Philosophy. It would be a lot more straight-forward if I were more accredited, and so the futures projections aren't great at the moment. I ended up selling a First-Edition Charizard a couple days ago for around $4,000. Unfortunately I was unable to get the card delivered because (surprisingly) UPS doesn't deliver to post office boxes. I'm having to get the card re-routed to me on Monday.

It was an aggravating experience from start-to-finish. UPS doesn't deliver to post office boxes, and won't deliver to a post office either: This because USPS and UPS are different companies. International customer service can't re-route transactions, either and so ultimately I have to make an extra trip to a local UPS store to get the original shipment sent back.

You can see this is the auction for the First-Edition Charizard:

I bought some insurance on the shipment so I hope the card is returned in good condition. I'm headed to the local Zen center to see how it is while I wait on all this shipment-related questions to be resolved.

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Microstakes Grinding
  failsafe, Jun 18 2017

So it looks like you can get a pretty good supply of Jurema and Mimosa Hostilis online. A skilled chemist, or someone who was patient and had a steady hand would easily be able to distill pure DMT. The conventional solution is to use lye (of Fight Club acclaim) and Naptha (which is a soap).

Using just these two chemical ingredients it seems you can extract pure smoke-able DMT.

Personally as someone with a scientific mindset it seems like this might be a good idea...

On the other hand, this approach doesn't agree with me. Using just vitamin C pills and lemon juice (which are safe) you can extract a lot of DMT and create an extremely potent ayahuasca brew.

This preparation is actually as simple as treating water with crushed up vitamin C and lemon juice. Then you boil the ingredients 3 times (for saturation reasons) in the prepared water. This yields a very potent ayahuasca.

Roughly $10 of ayahuasca prepared this way lasts a long time. Since the ingredients are legal and can be purchased online, the accessibility is very convenient. I am committed to using them for physical training. So far I am quite happy with the ayahuasca solution against the DMT-only solution.

DMT seems to be very powerful. I have so far gotten much better experiences with the ayahuasca method than DMT-only. It may be better to care for your body.

I do not recommend mixing ayahuasca and mescaline, although the Peruvian torch is legal and is indigenous to same the geography.

I think the ayahuasca-diet is better than DMT-only and I am getting some good results this way. DMT seems to be a very powerful substance to be respected. I recommend the ayahuasca diet over DMT-only and not specifically for safety reasons.

I am actually surprised to be recommending this because I would suggest using Peruvian torch over San Pedro cactus. This seems to be a contradiction. The Peruvian torch is smoother and more drinkable with a more pleasant high.

Ayahuasca can be a bit unpleasant but I think this is good for the user. There seem to be more questions of moral irresponsibility regarding DMT than mescaline. Ayahuasca seems to be the recommended solution from mother nature, therefore if we are in doubt this is the best avenue.

I thought I would not say something like this, but I cannot see any reason to get "higher" than ayahuasca.

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Epic Heads Up vs Vlad
  failsafe, Jun 07 2017

So in a few minutes I begin my epic heads up vs Vlad. Pres. Putin called me earlier today requesting HU. Time for pre-match hype.

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